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Honestly this place is tried and true. I have never had a problem that wasn't fixed and 99% of the time they deliver early, the delivery drivers are so pleasant and the food is absolutely delicious. I just had a terrible experience with another restaurant tonight and ordered from Due Fratelli because I know they'll show up. Now I am on hold with GrubHub customer service trying to get my money back for food I never got! Le sigh - the woes of being in a personless era of time.


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I love this place. They always arrive on time with the correct order. I was craving pasta last night around midnight and these guys came within a half hour. I had the fettuccine with bolognese and extra meatballs. It was hot, hearty, and delicious. A good sized portion, too--I always have enough left over for a second meal later. It also came with two pieces of really delicious focaccia bread. A+ Due Fratelli! :)


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Due Fratelli was delicious!! We ordered a medium pie with light cheese for delivery. It was before grub hub had anticipated and the delivery guy was very kind! When we sat down and took the first bite our mouths watered from the perfect balance of tangy tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and flavorful crust. I will order more pizza again and will be trying other Italian favorites from these two brothers!! Mange!!


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This place is great! The food is awesome and tastes very good. Especially the salmon salad and chicken and bacon sandwich with dijon and melted mozzarella! One time, they called me to let me know they ran out of salmon and was so apologetic and nice about it, that they made the steak salad instead and that was also super good. They've always been earlier than expected with my orders and never late.


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I'm giving 5 stars because delivery was fast and the food is good. However keep in mind some of these delivery guys refuse to come upstairs even though he was parked in a parking space and I told him I had a small child in the home. He insisted I come downstairs when I know he could have easily brought the delivery upstairs so for that I have no additional tip. Just an FYI for other parents.

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Due Fratelli - Dekalb Reviews on Seamless


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In my own opinion it is truly the most authentic flavors, to the tastes of a first generation Italian American like myself.
Due Fratelli is the first Italian restaurant that I have ever found to be as deliciously appealing as my own family's provisions. In all honesty, having my stomach and taste buds be this satisfied by any restaurant feels sacrilegious to my upbringing. My overwhelmingly mouth watering sensations of self-indulgence while skimming through their menu leaves me with intense feelings of guilt, as though I were literally cheating on Sunday dinners of yesteryear with my own family.

I am honestly glad there is a restaurant this delicious and convenient to me. Thanks Due Fratelli!


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I order from here frequently, maybe once a week: twice this particular week. The food is always hot and the delivery guys are courteous and respectful. It's a friendly neighborhood restaurant with fresh ingredients. I sit in the old-world-style restaurant in the warmer months. But I've come to learn that delivery is just as quick and efficient. 5-star in my book. I recommend the hearty lentil soup and any of the hot heros.


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We were pleasantly surprised by the size and juiciness of the burgers; they were made to perfection! The fries, although slightly limp (like most delivery fries), were also good. I can't comment on the onion rings except to say they were huge and looked delicious because I was stuffed from eating the burger . We received our order much earlier than the estimated delivery time. I will definitely be ordering from here again!


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When I received my order, the sandwich was different from what I ordered but I'm still giving five stars because of the service I received thereafter. I called the restaurant and let them know that my order was incorrect and they told me it wasn't a problem, made me the correct sandwich, and got it over to me before my fries even had time to get cold. Good food and great customer service!!!


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I read some comments 1st, but I always like to be my own judge. Ordered my food and it said about an hour. I figured I bathe my son, while he is in the tub I get a call the delivery man is here. Not only was the delivery extremely quick the food was still piping hot I had to let it cool down so the kids can eat. My son is on his 2nd plate so that tells you about the taste.

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Due Fratelli's offers a variety of pizzas by the slice, including options such as an arugula prosciutto slice, a salad slice and an eggplant and mozzarella slice. There are heros and pasta dishes as well.